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Young lady warning up outside in the snow

Warming Up for Cold Weather Workouts

Cold weather is here and it’s more important than ever to warm up thoroughly before getting into your workout. When it’s cold outside, your muscles lose heat and contract, which makes everything in your body a lot tighter. Your joints get stiff and tight muscles can lead to decreased mobility. If your muscles aren’t at their maximum mobility, you aren’t using their potential strength and won’t be as ready for action.

In order to make up for these tight muscles and joints, your muscles have to work harder than usual in the cold weather, which can lead to increased soreness and potential injury to the muscle tissue. With limited mobility, your muscles strain and pull under the stress.

Warming your body up prior to your workout will help you:

  • Increase your blood circulation
  • Loosen up your muscles
  • Increase your range of motion

To perform at your highest level and to help prevent injury, we encourage you to amp up your winter warm up. Muscles that have been properly warmed up can carry out exercises in proper form. This leads to better results from your workout and a decreased chance of injury. Warm muscles are more responsive, allowing all parts of your body work as a unified team during your workout.

Make sure you’re doing dynamic stretches and putting in enough time during your warm up. Static stretches aren’t going to help your workout and a recent study even showed that a 5-minute cardio warm up had the same results as no warm up at all. Do a low-intensity, 15-minute warm up for best results. Where warm ups are concerned, long and mellow is better than fast and intense!

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