POA Surgeons Deliver a Strong Leadership Presence at the Annual Conference of the Maryland Orthopaedic Association

Surgeons of Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates delivered a strong leadership presence for cutting edge surgeon education and healthcare policy at the annual conference of the Maryland Orthopaedic Association (MOA) in Annapolis on February 9, 2019.

Presentations to the statewide society of orthopaedic surgeons were led by Dr. Jason Scopp on Joint Preservation and Dr. Pasquale Petrera on Joint Replacement highlighting key state of the art advances in our practice to enhance surgeons’ education and patient care.

Dr. Scott McGovern also addressed the future role of the society regarding education and healthcare policy as he was elected President of the MOA for 2019 following his six years serving on the Board of Directors.

Dr. McGovern, President of the MOA, is pictured with past president, Dr. Robert Sterling. Excellence in Motion.

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