POA a part of FDA Approved Total Shoulder Replacement System Research

Outcomes of a rigorous medical device study begun in 2012 and supported by Dr. Thomas Brandon and the Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates (POA) clinical research team has resulted in FDA approval for patient use of the Arthrex Eclipse Total Shoulder Replacement system effective August 1, 2019. POA was one of sixteen (16) national sites selected to participate in a research study that evaluated the effectiveness of a total shoulder replacement system, through Arthrex, a global leader in orthopedic surgical device designs, research, manufacturing and medical education.

Dr. Thomas Brandon, a primary investigator in the study stated, “We have participated in this randomized clinical research study since 2012 and each patient in the study was followed for 24 months after surgery. It has been a privilege to be part of this cutting-edge research and these significant advancements in shoulder replacements to provide better outcomes for our patients.” Dr. Brandon also mentioned, “the Eclipse Total Shoulder Replacement System replicates the true anatomy and function of the shoulder. With this advancement, this Eclipse system has several advantages such as: decreased operating time, reduced bone removal, and improved shoulder function, compared to other devices that utilize the traditional stemmed total shoulder arthroplasty.”

Arthrex commented, “The Eclipse system is a novel, less invasive, bone-preserving total shoulder replacement that has been clinically proven in Europe and Canada with more than 20,000 successful implantations over the past 14 years. The Eclipse system was the first total shoulder implant to replace traditional long stem fixation with short, fenestrated cage screw fixation for bone ingrowth, eliminating the need for bone cement. Its success as a total shoulder replacement has been demonstrated by outstanding long-term clinical results for the treatment of shoulder arthritis.”

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