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Young woman playing tennis

Injury Prevention: Tennis

Playing tennis is a great way to get outside and exercise for people of all ages. Like with any sport, however, there is a risk of injury when playing tennis. Shoulders, wrists and elbows are easy targets for injury from overuse.

Tennis elbow is common among tennis players. It is the inflammation of tendons connecting the muscles in the forearm to the outer part of the elbow. Rotator cuff tears can also happen in the shoulders, typically gradually and over time as the player serves and swings. Because of the hard surface of the court, ankle sprains and back pain are also common complaints.

So, what can you do to prevent these tennis injuries?

  • Get the right gear – Choose a racket that is the right size and weight for you. Having the correct grip size and string tension can help prevent tennis elbow. Also, make sure you choose tennis shoes and socks that have cushion to reduce the stress of pounding on the court.
  • Focus on your technique – Work with a professional to make sure your technique is not leading to habits that cause injury. Don’t arch your back too much while serving and pay attention to how you’re landing on the court.
  • Warm up – Do dynamic stretches to warm up your muscles. Shoulder strengthening stretches can also prevent common tennis injuries.
  • Rest! – Take a break when you’re tired and make sure you’re giving your body rest in between playing. Overexertion can lead to overuse and injury.

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