finger pointing to X-ray of right hand

At the Tip of Your Finger

Injuries to the fingertip are really very common and can happen almost anywhere – from using a hammer or saw to pinching your hand in a door or smashing it while moving something heavy. These everyday injuries can result in damage to part of the fingertip, including the bone, nail bed, your skin and soft tissue.

So, why does it hurt so much?

Our fingertips are full of nerves that make them extremely sensitive, which results in the pain you feel when they are injured. Without prompt and proper treatment, a fingertip injury can cause problems with hand function and may result in permanent deformity or disability. To ensure the best outcome, it is important to have a hand specialist examine your finger after an injury.

Remember, if you have injured your fingertip and something just doesn’t feel or look right, call us to make an appointment with our hand specialist, Dr. Kang.

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