Durable Medical Equipment

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Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Supplying all you need for a proper recovery!

At Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates we offer patients access to durable medical equipment on-site at each of our 4 clinic locations. On-site access to DME enables us to provide timely and effective treatments to ensure you receive the best outcome of your orthopaedic injury/condition. Whether you require an off-the-shelf or a custom-fit brace, our clinical staff is trained and proficient to make sure you receive the proper fit, as well as understand how to achieve the greatest benefit from your equipment. 

With your POA doctor’s prescription, we fit braces for patients for pre-surgical or for return to activities of daily living and sports. We also provide custom bracing for patients with ligament instabilities, osteoarthritis and various other knee, shoulder, spine or foot problems.

In order to meet the highest standards we demand for the treatment of our patients, we’re proud to offer equipment from some of the industry’s most reputable companies, including:
• Townsend Thuasne
• DonJoy
• Bledsoe
• Coreflex
• Ossur

For questions or concerns regarding our DME department or your specific product, please contact out DME Staff: 410-749-4154 x 176