How Biologic Treatments Work

At POA, we use biologic treatments to stimulate natural tissue healing that helps enhance your body’s own repair process.

Many refer to biologics as the “next step in restorative medicine,” with the power to enable the body to repair and regenerate itself, which accelerates healing, reduces hospital visits, shortens post-surgical recovery time, and more importantly, improves lives. Amniotic stem cell injections, adipose stem cell injections, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy and the MACI (autologous cultured chondrocytes on a porcine collagen membrane) procedure have been specifically designed to harness the healing and restorative powers of the cells and proteins naturally found in the human body.

When you suffer an initial injury, the rupture of your tissue causes fluid to be released from your injured cells’ surrounding blood vessels. Your body then responds by sending new blood vessels and cells. At this point, these new cells serve two purposes. The first of which is to remove the damaged tissue and the second is to stimulate new collagen formation to repair and replace your damaged tissue. Then over time, via other signals and special chemicals released by your body, these cells are stimulated to begin maturating in a process where they eventually become healing tissue that matures into strong replacement tissue.

This is where biologic treatments enter the picture, as they have been proven to bolster and accelerate this natural healing process following injury. Introducing biologic therapies enables our physicians at POA to help our patients’ bodies respond more quickly, by providing the right treatment of stimulating the receptors on cells that release healing factors, injecting growth factors, and surgical intervention with the MACI procedure. And, this is just the beginning of what is now possible with the wide range of biologic therapies available today, with even more on the horizon.