One Tough Coach – One Truly Dedicated Cyclist

Jim B. – Knee Replacement Patient

Jim B.
All-time winningest coach in NCAA men’s lacrosse history and avid cyclist
Salisbury University

To fully understand how my partial knee replacement allowed me to get back to my very active life again, I need to take you back just over a decade. It all began when I was running on the treadmill and started to feel a pain in my knee. It turned out to be a cartilage tear, which I had treated by Dr. Scopp at POA, who is also our lacrosse team’s doctor. However, during the minor surgery to fix the tear, he discovered that I only had 40% of the cartilage left in my knee.  Over the next ten years, my cartilage continued to deteriorate while I kept running up and down the field with my team and putting in 6,000+ road miles on my bike every year. I developed a limp, my hip hurt from favoring my knee and I was becoming bowlegged.

I had previously talked with Dr. Trauger about being a candidate for a unicompartmental “uni” knee replacement, but finally we both knew the time had come. I reminded him once again how important having the uni knee was to me because I wanted to keep my ACL intact, so I could easily return to a high level of cycling. My surgery went well and Dr. Trauger was able to restore the angle of my knee. Now, I am no longer bowlegged and my pain is completely gone. Not to mention, six weeks after my surgery I was able to return to my bike and complete the annual Sea Gull Century ride here in Salisbury.

I can’t say enough about my POA team. Dr. Trauger even stopped by my house on his way home from the office a couple of times during my rehab, just to see how I was doing. It’s just one more example of how the POA team continues to impress me.